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Combining strategy and teamwork, our priority is that you always have your best face forward. Our personalized skin analysis coupled with your goals and budget enable us to utilize the best science and technology in developing a customized skin plan for your greatest skin success.

CBRx Facial

Fall/Winter 2021

With the goal of making ‘forever’ changes to your skin, our popular CBRx Facial evolves with your skin needs while complimenting anti-aging technology. Working on the top 3 qualities of beautiful skin, our proprietary blend of customized ingredients rejuvenate your skin from inside out.



“Heather is absolutely amazing at what she does! When I first started seeing her my skin was very dull and scarred. Heather has completely transformed the quality and texture of my skin, since I’ve started seeing her. Every treatment I’ve done at CBRx has been so effective and they really work hard to create a program that will benefit you personally!”

-CBRx Client Testimonial

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